Kathy Hendersonreporting the best in the sport

Kathy: Good afternoon this is Kathy Hendersonreporting to you live from the University of Midvale with the latest news about sports. Let’s go talk with the coach and see what she has to say about this coming up the season! Coach White: Kathy Hendersonreporting the best in the sport

Good afternoon I’m the coach of the Midvale Kraze Tigers football and softball team you can call me to coach white! Kathy: How do you think the tigers are looking this season Coach White?Coach White: Great we have some work to do but every day we get better! Kathy: Will this season be the year you ‘re going to go to the championship? Kathy Hendersonreporting the best in the sport

Coach White: Were just going to keep working hard, and maybe we can pull it off, now let’s meet out two-star players for football and softball.Harley: Hi, my name is Harley Jones. I play for the Midvale Kraze Tigers softball team.I am the catcher and third in the batters lineup. Kathy Hendersonreporting the best in the sport

I’m number 30.Kathy: How do you think we are looking this season?Harley: I think we look good has long had we stay focused and hydrated, we could make it to the championship this year. Kathy: We’ll thank you, now let’s get to our star football player! Nick: Hi I’m name is Nick Armstrong I’mcenter for the first string Kraze Tigers and I am number 51. Coach White: sorry Kathy Harley and I have to get back to practice! Nick: me too! Kathy: Well thank you this is Kathy Henderson from channel 129 news lets go back to **screams (oh my head)Coach White: OH NO! Are you okay? Nick: CALL 911! HURRY! Coach White!!Coach White: I’m already on the phone! (We need an ambulance at the Midvale Kraze Tigerspractice field. TO THE HOSPITAL!AMBULANCE SIRENS Dr. Josie and Dr. Ansley: What happened! Dr. Nye: We think she has a concussion Dr. Josie: When you think of a beating heart you might assume it beats at regular intervals in actuality,

velocity, and pressure change with every beat, and every beat is different. Dr. Ansley, Dr. Norden Huang invented a set of algorithms that can be used to analyze data sets for a wide variety of applications.Dr. Nye: While NASA designed the technology for structural damage detection, like non-destructive testing of the space shuttles, the applications outside of NASA are nearly limitless. We are using DynaDx right here in the hospital to check patients for strokes, concussions and dementia.

I have been working on another way we could use this technology outside the medical industry. I’ve been working on using this technology to check air conditioning unitsfor Freon leaks. This will help reduce the release of dangerous gases. Harley: What Happened?! Dr. Nye: You have a concussion!Harley: “wait, wait, wait, wait, what happened?” Dr. Nye: You slid into home and the catcher missed the ball and you got hit in the head but you’re going to be alright.Harley: Thank you God for helping me through!

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