If you play with your short meter

What’s Poppin So, you’ve probably seen the brand new trailer for the NBA 2K21 current gen However here are seven things you probably missed At the beginning of the trailer we see Lillard shooting a fully contested shot So we are getting a brand new shot meter If you play with your short meter OFF then this might not be anything exciting but it is something new to look forward to just scrolling through the commentsalone I can see that most people are absolutely hating the new short meter and I guess we’ll just have to wait for the demo to drop to fully test it outand see how it feels number two – college teams 2k is finally allowing us to play with college teams as we saw UCLA at the beginning of thetrailer Now, we don’t know how many teams will bein the game I doubt that they’ll add all 68 teams but I assume that the main teams they should definitely be in the game and it’s just fun to have more variety to play with I guarantee people will play more with the NCAA teams than they did with the WNBA teams so that’s a dub new shoes we see Kyrie wearing some Kyrie 6 Air Yeezysin the trailer for about one second of the trailer this should probably mean that we’re getting some other new shoes Ronnie promised us Yeezys but we’ll hopefully be able touse them in my career and the neighborhood speaking of the neighborhood we now have 7 new parks according to the trailer and this isexactly what we’ve wanted i’m not sure how the system will work interms of switching parks whether you have to reo up to unlock new parkswhether you even get to choose them but we’ll find out in the time to come the 2k20 park was literally the exact same one as the 2k19 one again it’s notthe same park it’s the same square you guys can thinkwhatever you want and it seems to be that we’re getting abrand new layout for all of these parks as we see there’s a 2k beach the rec is in a different placeso it won’t be the exact same park as 2k20 ncaa my career the mycareer in 2k20 was straight as so it’ll be nice to see that we can now start our my career in college in previous 2k’s we’ve been able to play like one or two games but hopefullyin this one it will be a full season or maybe a full march madness tournament I don’t know if anyone else noticed this but I saw Pau Gasolin the lakers kit which indicates that they’ll be adding more classic teams tothe game this is probably the 2009-10 lakers teamof Kobe lamar odom and derek fisher so this isa step in the right direction hopefully there’ll be more classic teams and of course remember if you didn’t really enjoy this trailer the next gentrailer is still to come thank you for watching this video if you’re new to my channel subscribe and drop a like on the video and as always stay blessed

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