going to get best plan in the world

♪ ♪ Announcer: They’re chasing this. ..going to get there. Carey– Oh! Almost got it! What a spectacular finish that could be. Wow. Conor Carey If she gets the release– she does! How ’bout in! Calculation paid off there. That was tremendous. Announcer: Marchand looking for an opening, backhand and wrap around in front! Score! No, it didn’t get in. Freddy Anderson got that. Bergeron is in disbelief. So am I that he didn’t that in the net. [indistinct announcing] Great save by Smiths he sprawled across. going to get best plan in the world

That might be the save of the series. Robbed by Mike Smith. Announcer: Must have been awkward there with a save as William Karlsson comes in. Karlsson to Smith! What a save by Martin Jones! Rewind that one, hang on to it. Nice pass– with a slam! Beautiful pass, and then going his first playoff poster. [bat clinks] And it’s a fly ball into back right centre field. Lorenzo Cain measuring it… up he goes, and he did it again! going to get best plan in the world

This guy, taking another one away. ♪ ♪ [bat clinks] Granderson, a fly ball out to the right centre field. Hayward going back, and… it’s going to be Almora Jr.making the catch. [bat clinks] Fly ball, right centre field. Myers going back, still going. Myers… ..will make the catch! Got to get the job done. A diving play by Hamilton.What a play! Right centre field, and at the wall… Ballinger pulls it back. Jumps straight up. Yup, it would have been out. [bat clinks] Got a chance to fall, and Galviscaught it with his bare hand! Who needs a glove? Float for the glove, no need for the glove! Freddy Galvis, one hand on ya! Announcer:

Ross sees the clock and lets it go! [loud buzzer]Announcer: It hits! [cheering] Got it off in time! Announcer: What about Brett Anderson? When he needs to control the running game… Mariano’s now going back. He’s still going back, he’s near the wall! And it is…he caught it! He caught it! He fires it back in. Now Hanley grabs it, then throws to second base. That may be the greatest double play! But here’s the catch. Unbelievable catch over the fence, brings it back, and then Hanleyto second base, and you’re right, that is the most unbelievable double play I’ve ever seen. ♪ ♪

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