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You said today in a tweet that best news for people saying learn  Birxwas taking contempt from speaker Pelosi. I don’t get your meaning by that thinking about that she was simply depicting the realities about the instance of the pandemic right now the nation over? All things considered, I believe we’re doing quite well and I feel that we have done just as any country. On the off chance that you truly look, in the event that you investigate what’s happening, particularly now with all these flare-ups and countries that they were discussing and remember we’re a lot greater than … Other than India and China is having a gigantic erupt at the present time, India has an enormous issue. Different nations have issues and I saw that in the news and the nightly news, I never read about that in any of the news,I don’t find out about different nations. You’re beginning to see that different nations are having exceptionally large flare-ups, nations that idea they were over it. Like we figured we may be over it in Florida and afterward out of nowhere it returns, they do return, however, I believe we’re doing well overall. I told Dr. Birx I believe we’re doing quite well. She was in my office a short time back. She’s an individual I have a ton of regard for. I think Nancy Pelosi has abused her incredibly, gravely, dreadful and I’m simply alluding to the way that I imagined that truly they should state the activity we’ve done, regardless of whether it’s on ventilators or testing, we’ve tried now more than 60 million individuals. No other nation is really near that. We’ve tried 60 million individuals with incredible by and large, about half now – best news for people saying learn meaning five to 15 to 20-minute tests where you get the outcome very quickly. No one has anything like that, no one and I believe we’re simply doing quite well. best news for people saying learn

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